PRO RAIL 830/44


14.1.1830                9.   That Mr Bouverie do pursue the enquiry relative to the mode of expediting boats through the Tunnels by the power of steam.  That Mr Bouverie do obtain a calculation of the expense at which boats might be forwarded by means of locomotive engines for any given distance on the canal.


11.2.1830                10.   Mr Collier, application of his invention to the haulage of boats and his estimate of the cost thereof.


PRO RAIL 830/11


2.11.1848                58.   Mr William Breynton’s new system for passing boats through the Blisworth and Braunston Tunnels


14.2.1850                206.   Requesting permission to lay down hauling apparatus in the Braunston Tunnel and thereby supercede the present mode of passing boats through tunnels…. Resolved that this be declined.


9.7.1850                  280.   Mr Breynton requests the Company to contribute £10 towards the expenses of introducing his plan for hauling boats….Resolved that Mr Fane deSalis to see Mr Breynton.


20.8.1850                297.   Mr deSalis reports in accordance with the minute dated 9th July that he had seen Mr Breynton upon the subject of his plan for hauling boats on canals and rivers and that without giving his opinion as to the probable success or otherwise of Mr Breynton’s experiment, it appears to him to be free from many of the practical and mechanical objections which have hitherto obstructed the adoption of steam power on the canals and to assist Mr Breynton he recommends the £10 should be paid providing the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal furnish this Company with an official report.


PRO RAIL 830/12


11.2.1851                30.   from William Breynton  Esq. stating that he has now laid down his plans for propelled boats on the Severn and requesting to be informed whether the Company consider him entitled to the £10 which by their minute of 20th August last they promised to contribute towards….Resolved that Mr Breynton be informed that this Committee request the official report from the Severn Navigation Commissioners as to the practical  results before the £10 is given to him.


3.3.1851                  52.   Read a report dated 11th ultimo from Mr Morris upon the subject of  Messrs Robinson & Russell’s steam screw barge for canals….Resolved that they wish to hire or arrange for the use of any vessel available for the above purpose on such terms as my appear for them reasonable.


25.3.1851                67.   Referral of a letter from William Gurney and Co on the subject of Mr Breynton’s steam tug to the Canal Committee and Mr deSalis.


19.5.1851                89.   That the sum of £10 be presented to Mr Breynton following receipt of the results from the Severn and Worcester Navigation


9.6.1851                  99.   Read a letter dated 5th inst from Mr Brookes for hauling boats on canals (accompanied by a prospectus)…. Resolved that the letter and prospectus be referred to the Traffic Committee.


16.6.1851                103.   Recommendation from the Traffic Committee that the Clerk write to Mr Brookes re the formation of a Canal and Inland Steam Tug Company, and to say that when the Company is matured then the Grand Junction Canal Co will give him information on the traffic on the canal.


PRO RAIL 830/36


20.6.1851                51.   Read a letter dated 15th March from Messrs Wilkinson Gurney & Stevens upon the subject of Mr Breynton working his steam tug on a portion of the canal….Resolved that the letter be referred to Mr deSalis.


PRO RAIL 830/12


1.7.1851                  111.   Read a letter dated 30th ulto from The Honourable & Reverend A Perceval on the subject of his steamer which he is building and invites the Committee to inspect…Resolved that the Committee are happy to inspect his steam tug on the Grand Junction Canal when it is launched.


29.8.1851                139.   That a special committee consisting of Mr Rebow and Mr deSalis be appointed to consider and report how far the Griffiths screw propeller may be applied to the purposes of the navigation of the Canal.


6.10.1851                155.   Mr deSalis’  report on the screw steam boats on the Grand Canal, Dublin and the carrying of cattle ….Resolved that the report be referred to the Special Committee to consider.


28.11.1851              174.   As recommended by the Traffic Committee that Mr Inshaw’s experimental boat be allowed to pass free from Braunston to West Drayton in order that the Committee may inspect same and that Mr John Lake, the Company’s Surveyor, be directed to attend the experiment made on Wednesday next and to report thereon to the select Committee.


16.12.1851              183. Read a report dated 15th inst from Mr J Lake upon several experiments on the Paddington level made by  Mr Inshaw’s screw boat….Resolved that the Canal Company do consider the expediency and legality of this Company permitting two or more boats to be attached and navigated upon the Paddington level and to report to the Committee thereon.


30.12.1851              187.   Read a report dated 29th inst from Mr Morris upon several experiments on the Paddington level made by Mr Inshaw’s screw boat….Resolved that each member of the Committee be furnished with a copy of the same.


6.1.1852                  189.   That the bill for Mr Inshaw for £36.17.5 incurred in his steamboat experiments be paid


PRO RAIL 830/36


9.1.1852                  124.   Mr Cumberlege having mentioned to the Committee that Mr Saunderson had called upon him and explained the model of his steam tug at West Drayton which seemed to promise great efficiency.  The Committee consider it desirable that Mr Lake should report on it by Tuesday next understanding that the subject of steam navigation on the Paddington Level is to be then taken into consideration. 


PRO RAIL 830/12


13.1.1852                193.   The Committee took into their consideration the question of steam haulage on the canal on Mr Inshaw’s plan and the reports of Mr Lake and Mr Morris.  The following motion was made by Mr William Fane deSalis Esq., “That the subject of steam haulage be referred to the Traffic Committee and that they have the authority to order a single tug, it being understood that the cost of such a tug is not to exceed £500.  An amendment was proposed by Mr deSalis  “to the Traffic Committee, that they ascertain what terms the brickmakers will contract to pay for haulage simply whether by steam or by horse power and to report also the cost of a steam tug and the model of building same.”


23.1.1852                195.   Mr Charles Saunderson referring to Mr Lake’s report on the experiments and requesting to be furnished with a copy…. Resolved to send him a copy.


30.4.1852                249.   …Mr E L Snee, Secretary to the Regents Canal Co, stating that the Company had made arrangements with Mr Inshaw of Birmingham, to enable him to make experiments with his steam tug with a view to facilitate the passage of craft upon the Regents Canal and requesting permission of this Company to allow the tug to pass free to London and back…..Resolved the Mr Snee be informed that the Committee have much pleasure in granting the permission and to request Mr Snee will be so good as to communicate the results of the experiment.


PRO RAIL 830/13


9.8.1853                  43.   The Committee having taken into consideration the proposal made by Mr Rufford to conduct an experiment of hauling boats by means of a Bishops Disc Engine and having found that a differing opinion existed between the Engineer of the Company and their Traffic Manager with reference to the problem of that method of haulage being available for the purposes of the Company it was resolved that the documents be passed to Mr Martin.

(Mr Albinus Martin had presented a bill for £181.12.6, which was authorised to be paid))


4.11.1853                78.   Read a letter dated 10th inst from Mr Rufford referring to matters connected with the present system of haulage on canals…..Resolved that the matter be referred to Mr Martin


10.3.1854                145.   Read a letter dated 9th inst from Mr D Stanwell on behalf of Mr Herbert Ingram, requiring permission to place on the canal boat with a screw propeller….  Resolved that the Engineer will call to obtain such information respecting the screw propeller, as he may deem necessary in order to report thereon to the Committee.


10.3.1854                146.   Mr Martin’s report laid upon the table


24.3.1854                157.   That the expenses incurred by Messrs Inshaw amounting to £36.17.5 for experiments made by them in the year 1851 for moving boats in fleets by means of a steam tug be charged to the account of the Canal proper.


31.3.1854                162.   Read a statement from Mr Morris on the report of Mr Martin.


7.4.1854                  166.   Resolved that a copy of so much of Mr Martin’s report as relates to Mr Rufford’s experiments be sent to him.


28.4.1854                Read a letter dated 28th inst from Mr Rufford stating that he is now willing to conduct an experiment of hauling boats by means of a Bishop’s Disc Engine for £150, undertaking for that sum to find the boat for the engine, to pay the wages of the crew and of the engineers, to find coal, oil, tallow and hemp and to pay every expense connected with the steam boat in question and that the trial shall extend over a period of 10 - 14 days…. Resolved that it be recommended to the General Committee to approve of the expense being made upon the terms offered by Mr Rufford.




PRO RAIL 830/44



2.5.1854                  250.   Mr Rufford’s experiment for hauling boats by Bishop’s Disc Engine be made upon the terms set out by him.

PRO RAIL 830/13


14.7.1854                231.   Read a report dated 14th inst from Mr John Lake upon the recent experiments of Mr Rufford.  Read also a letter dated 13th inst from Mr Rufford upon the same subject.

                                …. Resolved that further consideration of the subject be deferred.


21.7.1854                235.   Read a second report dated 2oth July from Mr Rufford giving a detailed account of the expenses of the experimental trip of his steam engine from Manchester to London between the 4th and 8th inst.


15.12.1854              Read a letter dated 11th inst from Mr Edward.E.Allen, Engineer, stating that he is desirous for establishing steam tug boats between Brentford and the Docks for the purpose of facilitating the traffic in barges between theses two points and requiring to know whether this Company will entertain the project and be party to assist in carrying it out…Resolved that the Company decline being parties to the project (but stating that the Lightermen may be interested)


2.3.1855                  340.   Read a letter dated 15th ulto from Mr Reinagle stating that he has so far advanced his model propelling

machinery for canal boats as to be enabled to come to a decision as to the principle upon which payment shall be made for its adoption by canal companies and proposing that he be paid the annual sum  of £20,000 for 14 years.  Further that he will undertake to fit up all the Company’s boats with complete machinery and air power for the sum of £120 per boat…. Resolved that Mr Reinagle be informed that the  Committee cannot entertain his proposal.


8.5.1855                  377.   Read a letter of 10th inst from Mr Joseph Taylor stating that he was the Patentee of a Machine for propelling Canal Boats without horse or steam power but that he was unable to bring the scheme forward unless he received £150 and requesting he be informed whether the Company will advance that amount to enable him to do so…. Resolved that Mr Taylor be informed that this Company will give him every facility to try his scheme upon the canal, provided it does not interfere with the traffic but they decline subscribing towards the same.


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