Collected Images

ADMIRAL in Griff Arm, Coventry Canal in July 1955

(C P Weaver)

ADMIRAL with butty Mosquito, stemmed up on the Coventry Canal, July 1955

NBaW 80)

ADMIRAL at Goldstone Wharf, 1965

(C Clegg)

ADMIRAL on Lady Line Guide cover (moored above lock)

(Source unrecorded)

ADMIRAL at Napton on 14 Aug 1970, steered by Beryl Arnold

(Harry Arnold. This photo appeared on the cover of IWA's "Inland Waterways Guide" of 1972.)


ADMIRAL at Debdale Wharf, 2000


ADMIRAL 30th April 2009

(Steve Harmer)

ADMIRAL restored to Samuel Barlow livery 24th June 2012

(Steve Harmer)

ADMIRAL, now fully laden, 25th June 2012

(Mike Harrison)

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