Braunston Strike

The other images

These fall into two categories - those with either numbers or letters (or both) and those with no reference at all.  I have given them an NR number for the ease of locating them.

Some of these may not be photographs taken by Victor Long but they are from the same area* and appear to be from the same period.

*Although there is some doubt about NR 08.

Firstly - the images with some identification. 


Women and children involved in the strike posing against the abutment of the railway bridge.



(Frank Ray)



Not quite identical to 381. See if you can spot the difference....



(Frank Ray)



The strikers and their families gathered outside the wharf. Mr Brooks in his trilby hat in the centre.



(Frank Ray)



Mr Brooks with the strikers children




(BW192/3/1/26/2/2  in Canal & River Trust Archives, Ellesmere Port)



Harry Gosling, M.P. and Sam Brooks





(Dennis Ashby Collection)



Part of Victor Long's initials are in the bottom right hand corner.

This shows the funeral of 12 year old Edward Walker, who fell from his father's butty and drowned



(Alan Faulkner collection)


And lastly - those without any reference............

NR 01

Opposite the arm

FMC's Briton (ex-Steamer BARONESS). It is uncertain if this photograph (and the succeeding close-up)

were taken during the strike.

(Dennis Ashby Collection)


NR 02

See above



(Dennis Ashby Collection)


NR 03

By the brickfield



(Alan Faulkner Collection)



NR 04

On the main line but uncertain exactly where, Thomas Green's Agnes Rose, having been unloaded of her cargo of sugar


(Scan from Richard Roberts, original in private collection in USA)



NR 05

Four Midland and Coast boats, Mars, Jupiter, Cassandra and Scholar are tied up

blocking the arm. Compare this with H157


(Scan from Richard Roberts, original in private collection in USA)


NR 06

Outside the arm, FMC's Egypt, Aire, Rambler and Oldbury.


(Alan Faulkner Collection)


NR 07

In a similar location as the image above, FMC's Northolt

This may not be a strike photograph



(Alan Faulkner Collection)


NR 08


A group of men, some identified. But is that Mr Brooks in the centre?

And is it at Braunston? A suggestion has been made that it may be at Brentford.



(Alan Faulkner Collection)


NR 09

The strikers, with Mr Brooks at the centre, pose for this photo by the railway bridge abutment

Compare with 381 and 382 above


(Frank Ray)


These next two photographs were probably not taken by Victor Long.

NR 10

"Canal Dispute, B'ham 1923"

Messrs Gosling and Brooks are in both these images- or are they?


(Mrs Flowers)


NR 11

"Canal Dispute, B'ham 1923"



(Mrs Flowers)