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Little Packets

Collected Images -2

MANCHESTER on the Manchester Ship Canal near Runcorn Railway Bridge.  Note the two boys on the timber bars in the background.

(Waterways Journal, May 1999)

The hull of MANCHESTER near Billinge Flash awaiting transport to the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port for restoration.

(Cyril J. Wood - 'The Dukes Cut - the Bridgewater Canal')

PATRICROFTTon the Runcorn side of Old Trafford Bridge looking towards Runcorn. c1900.


PRESTON opposite the Logwood Yard, towing two Abbott's barges loaded with newsprint to their warehouse on Stanley Street.

The tug is decorated for the coronation of George VI.

(Jake Abram - 'Tugs, Barges and me')


PRESTON (not a Little Packet but included for interest)

(Reg Bailey)

STRETFORD on the Runcorn side of Broadheath Bridge looking towards Manchester. c1900.


STRETFORD in Salford Docks

(Jake Abram - 'Tugs, Barges and me')

STRETFORD in the background.  Early 1950's publicity photograph

(Canal Boat and Inland Waterways, April 1999)

STRETFORD Probably the same occasion as above

(Waterways World September 1988)

STRETFORD at Waterloo Bridge, Runcorn, c1906-8

STRETFORD at Waterloo Bridge, Runcorn, c1906-8

(Both postcard images above come from the "Carman Family" of Runcorn, care of Richard Andrews.


TODMORDEN.  This still is taken from

TODMORDEN This panorama is taken as a still from the same website


TODMORDEN having her boiler removed prior to conversion to a motor driven craft

(Motor Boat 1.7.1927. although this image is from  Reg Bailey's collection)


WALTON on drydock with damage to both hull and boiler casing

(Waterways Journal, May 1999)

WIGAN, c 1900 on the Runcorn side of Trafford Bridge looking towards Manchester.


WORSLEY (partially hidden behind Latchford) at Castlefields, Manchester

(The photograph came from the "Carman Family" of Runcorn, care of Richard Andrews).