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Port of London Gauging 9437



Leicester Complaint No 94

Tamworth Herald report on death of John Barlow (see below)     




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BCN Gauging 103 as Envoy                                                   



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Mystery inspection as Empress                                                           



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Correspondence Lisa Jenkins/R Jamieson/J Deuchar                                  




 Tamworth Herald – 6th June 1908

 6th June 1908 – Tamworth Herald.

Glascote News   - Fatal Accident.

Glascote has been greatly distressed at the death of John Barlow (17), eldest son of Mr & Mrs T Barlow of Clifford Place, caused by an  accident near Rugby when on a steamer on the Grand Junction canal. 
The accident happened on Friday and the youth died on Sunday at the Rugby hospital.
JJ Willington Wilmhurst, coroner, held the inquest at the Police station, Rugby on Wednesday.

Thomas Barlow, father, identified the body. He said he last saw his son at 7 o‘clock on Tuesday morning when he left  Polesworth for Braunston ( 9 miles beyond Rugby) with a boat loaded with coal. He did not attached blame to anyone for the accident.
Thomas Turner, Glascote, who worked the boat with the deceased to Braunston wharf said he saw him just before dinner time on Friday. The youth did not say where he was going. He next saw him about 3 o’clock the same afternoon at the Braunston top lock. He was lying on the cabin of the steamer “Empress”. He told him he was hurt and that he wanted to go home. He was removed to the “Anchor” pub and a doctor was summoned. The doctor ordered his removal to the hospital.
Henry Neal, captain of Fellows Morton and Clayton Steamer “Empress” said he saw the deceased at Braunston wharf when the “Empress” was starting for Brentford. Deceased did not ask him to let him ride and said he was going to look for a boat to take his things home, as he wanted to be home for Sunday.
When the boat entered Braunston Tunnel the deceased said he was going into the stoke hole. He asked him to come into the cabin and have some tea, which was ready.
Deceased called out “No, thank you I do not want any.” When the boat  was about 70 yards into the tunnel witness saw the deceased was in a dangerous position at the entrance to the stoke hole and called him to get down but the warning was too late. The boat lurched and pinned deceased to the tunnel side. After which he fell into the stoke hole.
Dr Walker said he saw the youth at the hospital. He was suffering from internal injuries. He made a post mortem examination with consent of the father and found that the hip bone was crushed in and  the pelvis broken besides other internal injuries.
Death was due to haemorrhage.
Coroner said it was apparent this was an accident plain and simple.
Funeral took place at Glascote when large number of family and sympathisers attended.


Millner Letters


FM &Co Steamer EMPRESS J Crocker captain caused a block at Stoke Top lock this morning from 4.50 am to 4.50am owing to running into the lock in front of J Oldham loaded with coal for Croxley Mill.  Oldham was at the head of the lock outside waiting for our nightman’s orders when Crockett ran his steamer between the other boats and got into the lock first.  As it was Oldham’s turn and Crockett was in the wrong and would not give way when required to do so by the lock keeper he should be fined for obstruction.  Millner/GC Thomas


I have a report from Buckby that you wasted a full lock of water at Lock 9 yeaterday morning by drawing on Messrs FM&Co’s steamer EMPRESS.  As the lock was the steamer’s and you refused to give way when requested to do so I have to give you notice that unless you see me and pay the value of the water so wasted my instructions are to take a summons out under Bye Law 37 and claim the full penalty of £5 Millnr/Mr E King


I have reports from our tug captains that your steamers will work through the tunnels at too great a speed for safety and our men fear there will be another accident if the speed is not reduced.GIVE CAPTAINS GENERAL ORDER – Use more care, slow down, especially when passing the tugs and fleet of boats.

On Friday evening last (8th September) the three steamers MARQUIS, EMPEROR and EMPRESS passed through Braunston Tunnel and one or the other broke our tug HASTY’s mooring chain and afterwards cast her loose at the fore end, and when the men returned to work on Saturday morning she was near the tunnel entrance. Millner/FMC



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