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HASTY  leaving the south end of Blisworth Tunnel.  This photo was taken in 1908 during the construction of the tunnel end buildings. However the craft appears to be the post-1922 design, which would seem to prove the existence of 3 Hastys but if you can think of another explanation please contact me


Almost certainly HASTY leaving Braunston Tunnel in 1911. The photographer was T W Millner. This boat matches the boat in the image above.


HASTY (a) in 1913  showing funnel in mid-cabin position


HASTY (b) in dock, 1922

(RHC PDX 375/8/3 - original and negative)

HASTY (b) in dock, 1922



HASTY (b), on Wendover Arm near Bushell's Bros Dock 1922

(BW192/3/1/9/1/17 also RHC PDX 375/8/2 - original and negative)

HASTY (b) at Bulbourne Yard on July 2nd 1924

(Dennis Ashby collection)


Original of above


Posted Image

Hasty at Bulbourne Yard

(source unknown)

Almost certainly HASTY delivering a train of boats at the west end of Braunston Tunnel. Date uncertain but after 1922

(Keith Ward)