Collected Historical Images up to 1976

James Woodfield, first captain of President.

see also the Buckby Images

c 1913 Location unknown - Jimmy Woodfield (jnr) on cabin top and Sam Woodfield in engine 'ole

(Woodfield family)

c 1924 Coventry

(source postcard, sent to James Woodfield)

Mary Ann Webb steering the  Bolinder powered President between 1927 and 1932

(David McDougall)

Lou Ray, a friend and Mary Ann Webb between 1927 and 1932

(Frank Ray Collection. This image was published in NarrowBoat Magazine,  Spring 2012)

Tom Webb (on Beatrice), President's captain 1927-1937

(Source unknown)

President disappearing through bridgehole, Beatrice with Hannah Webb at tiller and Mary Ann Webb

(Birmingham Central Library)


1953 President at Ashton dry-dock

(Jim Peden)

18.9.1953 at Gorton Yard, Ashton, Alf Smith and J T Challinor painting

(Gorton and Openshaw Reporter (including the Droylsden and Clayton Herald))

1956 in Beeston Iron Lock

(Source unknown)

c1957 at Marple

(Railway and Canal Historical Society)

24.1.1961 towing sunken flat out of Harecastle Tunnel

(Waterways Vol 6 No 53)

1964 Macclesfield Canal

(Source unknown)

August 1972 at Hayhurst Yard, Northwich - President on right

(John Milton)

July 1976 - at Malcolm Braine's yard at Norton Caines

(Nick Bostock)

11.4.1978 Restored to steamer, maiden voyage at Norton Caines

(Nick Bostock)

Just to prove that President was a steamer - the forward starboard side boiler cabin blanking plate (with four rivets)

(Richard Thomas)


(Martin Engewicht)