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Fleet No

Built at







Wooden with 2 cabins





Source for

First Date

Grand Junction Canal Co

London & Staffordshire



Watermans Hall



Steamer Registrations





Date Inspected

Date Registered







Steamer Gaugings



Gauging Number









Vertical flue boiler 7’ x 5’ diameter, copper water heater, double action force and lift donkey pump. Cast iron bed for boiler and engine



10 hp inverted 10’’ cylinder geared engine driving a Griffiths’ 2-bladed wrought iron screw with gun metal bosses


Steamer History


Tug in the Regent’s Park explosion (see below)

Sold at Grand Junction Canal Co auction (Lot No 104) £ 99.15.0 Lying at Fazeley St

Listed at Watermans Hall 1008/6309 as 10 (ton) canal steam boat for L & S










GJCC Minutes (PRO)

RAIL 830/20


6.10.1874                76.  Mr Mercer reported that an explosion had taken place on the Regents Canal on the Friday 2nd October…….he had called in the aid of the Company’s solicitor Mr Roscoe, under whose authority he directed Mr Thomas to obtain the aid of the Company’s labourers and overseers from the Southern and Middle Districts to assist those of the Regents Canal in clearing the Navigation.


9.10.1874                79.   Mr Rogers proposed that no gunpowder or any other matter of an explosive character be shipped by the Company.

                                80.   That the Company for the present discontinue the carriage of gunpowder for the general public.


21.10.1874              82.   The Chairman reported the result of the Inquest and after mature consideration of the subject, Mr Roscoe being present, having been consulted, it was resolved that the Company (Mr Mercer) reply to those making claim “reference to the unfortunate accident which has recently occurred on the Regents Canal and I am instructed by my directors to say that they do not admit any liability in connection with that deplorable event.”


4.11.1874                89.  ….Mr Henry James QC, also Mr J C Matthew retained as Junior …


30.12.1874              101.   ….also retain Mr John Day, QC, Mr Grantham, Mr Dugdale and Mr Anderson….


27.1.1875                105.  ….to continue to defend the action…


18.5.1875                148.   The Chairman reported that the verdict was adverse to the Company…Resolved that the damage done to property be admitted and that parties claiming compensation be called upon to send in particulars of claims for investigation with a view to settlement.  Also resolved that the £8332. 8. 4d invested under the names of Winthrop M Praed, Edward Thornton and Richard Howe-Brown and the £3625 Consols in the names of P H Pepys, W M Praed and R Hore-Brown …..be sold.


31.5.1875                Letter from Messrs Praeds that £40,000 be available for loan if required


1.6.1875                  153.  That the carriage of gunpowder be continued


PRO RAIL 830/50


5.8.1875                  I understand that the Grand Junction Canal Co is constructing a canal barge for the conveyance of combustibles.  Would you kindle inform me where it is being built as the War Department are about to have a barge made of a similar description for the conveyance of Government powder through the canals.

6.8.1875                  Reply:  I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter S5280 of yesterday’s date.  Our boats especially constructed for the conveyance of gunpowder are all at work.  We have none just now in course of building. The next time we have one of the boats in London, I shall be happy to let you know where you can see it.  If I may be allowed, I would suggest that this Company’s boats could carry any quantity of Government powder over any of the canals of the Kingdom, quite as safely as barges built by the War Department and with great facility seeing the boats are constantly in the work manned and horsed ready to proceed to any part where they are required.


PRO RAIL 830/20



8.9.1875                  185.   Reference repairs to Macclesfield Bridge and the North Lodge.  The Company to offer to reconstruct the bridge at a cost of £1500 and offer to pay £600 towards the Lodge.


3.11.1875                Due to the provisions of the Explosives Act 1875, the Company should discontinue the carrying of explosives as soon as practicable but not later than 1st December next.


17.11.1875              211.   766 claims so far amount to £84417. 2. 0d, 589 of which amount to £43553. 6. 0d have been settled for £33763. 9.4d


24.11.1875              214.   Government Inspectors had prevented Mr Thomas from replacing the old stone work, which would cost an extra £30 - £40.


7.12.1875                217.   North Lodge repairs have been settled for £850


PRO RAIL 830/20


15.3.1876                That the present circumstances of the carrying  trade are such as to make it expedient for the discontinuance of the carrying trade of the Company at as early a period as practicable.



10.5.1876                Resolution that the Company should discontinue carrying from 1st July 1876



PRO RAIL 830/50


27.9.1876                Read a letter dated 17th inst from Mrs Bewn (Bevan?), widow of the captain of the boat Tilbury, destroyed at the explosion in October 1874 applying for further assistance…..resolved that the sum of £5 be given to her in full discharge of all claims against the Company.



PRO RAIL 830/20


25.10.1876              £10000 to be repaid to Messrs Praed.


RAIL 830/21


10.10.1877              28.   The final instalment of £5000 repaid to Messrs Praed.