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Documents held on file    
GJ Gauging 11692 pc 27.3.1911
Letter Mercer to Millner re icebound boats pc 5.2.1912
Letter Thomas to Millner re sinking of boat May pc 28.8.1912
BCN Gauging working sheet pc 9.7.1925
BCN Gauging 1065 pc 9.7.1925 (wrongly dated 9.7.1923)
GJ (OC) Gauging 12157 pc 30.11.1926
Registration Certificate of Diamond Coventry 549 pc 8.2.1955
WW Article by Cyril Arapoff with photo pc 2.1973
WW Advert for sale pc 1 & 2.1976
A Brief History of nb Admiral by Steve Mitchell ts 1979
WW Advert for sale pc 5.1979
WW Advert for sale ts 5 & 6.1979
Milner Letters
6.2.1912 At the bottom we have one wide boat and one pair of coal boats going south three pairs of Fellows including a steamer ADMIRAL with goods at the top going south. Also 4 pairs of empty boats going to Braunston. I have been to Braunston this afternoon & Mr Cope informs me that the Canal Co are not going to run the Ice boat as boats are not going to follow – Fellows have two steamers there but no buttys for them. Also 4 loaded boats with empty barrels on for this way. Mercer/Millner

Re Raising Sunken boat at Linford. I am pleased to hear that you were able to raise Messrs Sefton’s coal boat MAY without interference to the traffic. Let me have an account of the cost to the Company which will be sent to Messrs Sefton in due course, and I should advise them to try and recover the amount from Messrs Fellows, Morton & Co as the sinking was due to their steamer ADMIRAL not easing down when passing. Thomas/Millner

24.8.1917 FMC’s steamer ADMIRAL steerer P. Littlemore and butty boat VERBENA , George Jones running into the top inside gate of Lock 8 at Buckby at 10.30 pm August 21st 1917 and breaking the gate bumper and otherwise straining the gate. There was no lockfiller ahead of the boats and at the time our night lockkeeper was drawing off the water and the lock was ¾ full. The lockkeeper shouted for the steamer to stop. The boats were coming at such a pace that the tow rope broke and the butty crashed into the gate. Had the lock been empty the gate might have been knocked down. The butty boat had no fender on the fore end otherwise the damage might have been less. I would suggest Geo Jones be fined 10/- for the damage.
12.9.1917 …the Blisworth Tunnel SPIDER was towing the 3pm pull from Stoke Bruerne when Messrs Fellows Morton Clayton’s steamer ADMIRAL, P Littlemore, ran into the tug and bent the iron stem guard, crushed in the oak stem bar and sprung the sheering on top of the foredeck so that the tug will have to go into dock for the damage to be made good. The collision occurred near the 2000 yard plate. The tug was against the tunnel wall on the offside (being her right side) and the ADMIRAL must have been across the tunnel. Both tug and steamer had sounded their whistles so the steerer knew of their proximity. Littlemore’s mate was steering and I understand the atmosphere was thick, but all the same the steamer should have kept its right side. I consider a claim should be made for the damage when the cost of repairs has been ascertained. I have not reported this to the General Manager

Latest news..................

Steve Harmer, the current owner, has sent "before and after" photographs and has recently bought the FMC butty VERBENA, which was paired with ADMIRAL in March 1917 (see above). 

From the HNBC Newsletter 2013/2 by permission of the editor Val Roberts and Steve Harmer: "(During the restoration) The hull has been restored to original length, with no welding to the hold, and a new counter riveted on.  Knees for the additional length were sourced from an ex working boat.  The engine room (has been) rebuilt to exact measurements from plans and the cabin fabricated in steel"


Current Owner: Private

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