Cargo Steamers Index

  Ant   (Griffiths) aka Duchess (FMC, Humphrey, Thorneycroft)
Janus (Nelson, Jees Hartshill, Faulkner)
Speedwell (Griffiths, Beckett)
  Avoca    (SURCC)

Jason  (Nelson, Faulkner)

Teaser (GJCC?, Bignell, Ashby, Nateley)

  Cardiff    (Water Transport Co)
Jubilee (Canvin)
Thistle (Savery)
  Despatch   (Odell, Chance & Hunt)

Jupiter (Nelson, Jees Hartshill, Faulkner)

Trial (Smith, Albany)
  Enterprise (a)   (Odell)
Perseverance (Rudd and aka Jubilee - Griffiths)

Wild Rose (Hodgetts, Oxford & London)

  Enterprise (b)   (Griffiths)

Pioneer (Moira Colliery)

Willie (Greaves)

  Excelsior   (Jonathan Morris)

Sentinel (Taylor)


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